Trump faces impeachment for the second time in a single term.

-There is an obvious question what would US President Donald Trump do after he was banned on nearly all the famous social media through which he interacted with his supporters, and Nancy Pelosi, several Democratic senators, and some Republicans demanded his dismissal or direct parliamentary accountability for his atrocious acts, especially his incitement to me. The storming of Capitol Hill while confirming the victory of President-elect Joe Biden on January 6, and the flight of members of the two parties to a safe place from angry extremists as evidence emerged of their intentions to arrest deputies, including the closest members of the Senate and Republicans and Democrats, for taking them hostages, including his deputy and his wife. What is his next step, especially since He may have 10 days left and leave the post and the White House?

But the anger towards him is increasing, especially after the emergence of some indications that the demonstrators received help from inside to find the whereabouts of the offices of senior congressional leaders, including "Nancy Pelosi", according to the US Federal Intelligence, since January 6 last year. He is always in the center of attention, whether in a tweet, a press interview, or a talk over the phone with one of his famous Fox News hosts, Sean Hannity, Tucker Kassler, and Maria Bartiromo.
The strange thing is for Capitol Hill to purge the media for the death of security officers, Brian D. Sekinik, who died during the storming of Trump's supporters in the US Congress. Always pay tribute to him with the saying of law and order. Some close to Trump say that he will appoint lawyers to defend him in front of the second impeachment measures, and according to the Washington Post, Trump, his son-in-law and his special advisor Jared Kushner contacted members of the Republican Party who followed him to urge them to write objections to the impeachment measures and publish them on social media.
And now the question is being repeated: What will Trump do? Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, distributed a memorandum to the senators regarding measures to impeach Trump, so that they would be discussed after January 20, and of course among the impeachment measures if they are passed are removing the privileges of the outgoing president. Time has prevented him from assuming any government position again. With all these measures, will Trump resort to another reckless step, such as storming Capitol Hill, such as entering a war with Iran, for example, or increasing tension with other countries?

**My personal belief is that the size of the maneuvering of US President Trump has greatly diminished, especially since after his departure he will find many criminal accountability cases, along with his collaborator and lawyer Rudy Giuliani and his sons, whose role was greatly curtailed after January 6, which changed his problems with his creditors and his difficulty in obtaining loans with banks The donor, because A name  is no longer easily marketed. The problem lies in the danger of extremist groups that believe in and support it. They must be dealt with wisely and decisively and dismantle them and not leave them the way to terrorize the American community.