Trump and the unfortunate end of his ruling could lead to his impeachment again.

The US President" Donald Trump" tried to carry out an impossible coup attempt by pushing supporters of Yemeni groups who were motivated by blind loyalty without logic and fanaticism without effort to see whether what they supported was a shadow of the truth or not President Trump always looks at the crowds that gather to hear his lying speeches. All of America and that he enjoys overwhelming support from the American people, and none of his assistants or advisors ever thought to tell him to look at me for the decline of his supporters and the increase of his enemies among broad sectors of the American people. And the extent of damage caused to the Republican Party, for example, he entered the White House in 2016 and the Republican Party controlled the majority in the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Presidency as well. The Republican Party lost the majority in the House of Representatives in 2018 and lost the majority in the Senate and the Presidency in 2020 I think that the main reason for this is hostility Which Trump was able to create while encouraging racism in American society.
Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and the talk of incitement and hate: Trump made a rally on January 6 in Washington, DC, inviting his supporters and continuing to incite and spread his lies about stealing the elections while confirming the victory of President-elect Joe Biden in the US Congress to repeat to them his allegations that he stole the elections from him and that he is the most popular American president and that He did a lot for the American people and then demanded that they go to the US Congress to stop the confirmation process underway in Congress at that strange time. Special lawyer Rudy Giuliani confirmed the "trial by combat," a distorted and strange expression, and Trump Jr entered the line and incited the masses to stand up and fight against theft. He said that the Republican Party is no longer the Republican Party as it was in the past, but the Republican Party of Donald Trump, all those speeches led to an increase in the enthusiasm of the supporters to go to Congress and attack it, but there are some strange observations in those incidents that call for reflection, namely.
Congress’s security was not prepared with enough forces to repel this attack, despite numerous reports of the inevitability of large crowds moving towards Congress to attack it, and the strangest thing was the appearance of many videos showing some congressional guards helping the demonstrators to enter Congress and even taking selfies with some of them and guiding them from the offices of some Democratic House members, including Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives.
"Chris Miller," Acting Secretary of Defense and loyal to Trump, was contacted to send the National Guard, and the response was delayed by more than 3 hours after he initially refused the request. According to reports from the Washington Post, strict instructions were given to the National Guard not to deal with The Yemeni demonstrators do not have self-defense cases and are not provided with riot-dispersal equipment, and these are very suspicious matters.
The appearance of a video recorded by Donald Jr. in the Trump campaign tent as he watched the demonstrators' attack on the Capitol he and auxiliary with smiles and sounds of music and the appearance of pictures of a protester carrying some plastic handcuffs that are used to tie the hostages. Was the planning to take hostages from members of Congress and bargain to change the outcome In exchange for their release, especially since some demonstrators admitted that the treatment of the Congressional guards with them was wonderful and strange, they stormed the Congress and were treated with kindness !!!
The coffin of Trump's dreams for his candidacy in 2024: Does Trump think, after this crazy failed coup, that he will have fortunes in 2024? To imagine how much enmity he has created in the American people and will settle in the American people’s awareness of that shameful incident, and he is the main instigator of it. All those who helped him, even senators and representatives such as Ted Cruz, for example, and others, will be severely punished by the people, and they will be outside Congress as soon as they did not realize the extent. Defrauding the American people led to those splits.
** Finally,
Trump did not realize that Congress is not the property of the Republicans or the Democrats. This is the property of the American people and a symbol of democrats that they revere, and they will never forgive, whether Republican, Democrat, or independent, those who incited and helped this attack and they will put it in the dustbin of history. Trump did not realize that his electoral base has become a minority and will be eaten after his exit. From the White House and he will fall miserably in the elections he will run in the future if he survives the issues that will follow him after leaving his post, and he may contact Putin for his sincerity to advise him about what he is doing because he tried to be a dictator like him in a country of freedoms, but he did not memorize a good lesson from him.