Nicki Minaj feels responsible and love towards her young son.

When a well-known woman in any field experiences motherhood, a lot of changes in her life and personality because she simply feels more responsibility for a person who is essentially part of her. She cannot move away from that responsibility, but she does it with love and dedication without boredom, no matter how annoying or difficult it is. The famous women who succeeded in the field of motherhood and marital life by forming a stable family. I previously had two models of those models and they are "Serena Williams" in the field of sports and "Beyoncé" the famous singer and today I comment on another famous woman and wife, the famous rapper "Nicki Minaj" She is 38 years old. Last Saturday, she posted pictures of her baby son on her Instagram page. This was the first time she shared her baby's face. On her social media with followers and fans, then she posted a group of photos with a nice comment written.

Minaj started posting photos with a pink ribbon and hand emojis, then referred to her son as "Papa Bear." Rapper Nicki Minaj thanked her child for "choosing me to be your mother." Minaj wrote, "Thank you Papa Bear" so much for choosing me to be your mother, "she wrote. I wish you guys a Happy and prosperous New Year. Thank you for your love and support throughout this journey. It meant a lot to me. Becoming a mom is by far the most fulfilling job you've ever had. Send love to all the super moms out there. A big hug to all the women who were pregnant during this difficult time. ”It is known that“ Nicki Minaj ”gave birth to her child on September 30 of this year, but she did not reveal her little child. Now, the pictures have expressed her condition with her child, who she shares with her husband Kenneth Beatty.

Nicki Minaj announced her pregnancy last July through a series of wonderful photos that she published in the famous photographer David LaChapelle, one of the pictures that she photographed in the form of the Virgin Mary.
During pregnancy, through an impromptu question and answer on Twitter from a follower, Minaj wrote, "He would kick me severely every night at the same time if I did not stand and walk with him." "He had a whole figure in my stomach and knew how to get what he wanted. It was very interesting to me. He's doing the same thing now."
In another tweet, she spoke about her breastfeeding experience for her son, whose name has not been released to the public yet. "He had no problem feeding," she also said. "He got into the hospital and that was very surprising to me. I was afraid he might not. But breastfeeding is so painful. Pumping too. Women make these things look so easy. Moms are superheroes.".
Of course, after posting pictures of her son on Instagram and the extent of love with which he spoke, we feel the extent of her love for responsibility and her awareness of the importance of the role of the mother because she is already practicing the experience.