Trump imagines that he is nominating judges to rule in his favor, regardless of the law

US President Trump was fighting with the Republican Party during the Corona pandemic to confirm the appointment of Conservative Judge  Amy Coney Barrett  for a seat in the US Supreme Court, contrary to the rules followed, and he imagined that this would be among the tools to help him win the elections, as he nominated many conservative judges in many American states, whether in courts Appeal or federal courts, and he thought that this would secure him a second term for four years if the popular vote came against him and he appeared before the federal courts or the supreme courts of the states, especially the states called swing-states, or he reached the Supreme Court because he confirmed three conservative judges.

The Supreme Court has become inclined to the opinion of conservatives, but it did not realize anything simple that the judiciary in America rules according to the evidence and evidence it sees in front of it regardless of its beliefs, and that is why it cannot waste the right of Americans to vote in the elections as long as there is no evidence and irrefutable proof of electoral fraud of any kind regardless of wailing Which is being done by the US President and his skepticism in the electoral process.

The election team of US President Donald Trump has lost more than fifty-five cases related to the electoral process in various US states in swing and two cases in the US Supreme Court. Nevertheless, US President Donald Trump did not realize that conservative American judges and pralines do not judge who nominated them, but rule by law because the law is a fortress. Any society that is among the heroes of the discord voices and Trump is still dealing with the barter system as businessmen do. When I nominate you as a judge, you must rule in my favor, and this is the same madness.
When the French President Charles de Gaulle entered Paris after its liberation from the German occupation in 1945, he asked about the conditions of the state's institutions, and the response came in a worse condition and asked about the conditions of the judiciary. Then he answered, the response is still fine. He said his famous saying as long as the judiciary is fine, the country is still fine because it is the main pillar of the advancement of society and the state after the destruction.

The strange thing is that the politicians are playing with fire and the will of the voters and igniting the feelings of the civil war, and they are falsely addressing the supporters that the elections were stolen without evidence or proof that they can present to the American court instead of publishing it through the media. Nevertheless, the American judiciary stands firm to confirm its adherence to the constitution and the integrity of the judiciary regardless of Whoever presents the case or who pleads as long as he does not have the evidence to support his case, and this is why there is a wide difference between the American judiciary and the judiciary of the third world countries when the judiciary is independent and not subject to the executive author.