LeBron James loves his family and helps build the community in which he grew up

Many American basketball players are considered legends engraved their names in letters of light in the history of the basketball game in the American Professional League, which is considered the strongest league in the world in terms of the talents it contains, the material capabilities of the teams of this league, the lights that shed it and the fame that the players reap. This very strong league is not the players who have exceptional talent and steadfastness in level over the years. Many seasons, such as Karim Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, Kobe Barnet and all of these have left the stadiums, but we have many stars who are still playing the basketball game so far, and the most prominent of them is LeBron James, who is now nicknamed In the American League at King James, we will try to shed light on the different stages of his life as a player and as a person.

LeBron James his upbringing and beginning in the basketball world:
LeBron Raymond James was born on December 30, 1984, in Akron, Ohio, in the United States to his mother, Gloria Marie James, and he is the only child of Gloria James, who gave birth to him when she was only sixteen years old and to his father Anthony McClelland who had a difficult childhood. His father was a former fraudster who wasn't around when he grew up. His family was poor and it was going through a hard time; when James was five years old, he and his mother would move around seven times a year. For two years during elementary school.
When Gloria realized it would be better for her son to grow up in a stable home, she allowed him to live with Frank Walker and his family, and LeBron liked the game of basketball since he was nine years old, Frank Walker took him under his wing and allowed him to stay with his family where he could get away from crises and focus on school. And basketball.
James became addicted to basketball early in his childhood. LeBron was taller and more athletic than most other kids his age and while playing in a Summer League during elementary school James was a fierce attacking player "I like to shoot the ball - so much". Dru Joyce II", his primary school coach, recalled the advice he gave James at the time: “I started telling LeBron about passing the ball, and how great players make their teammates better. Joyce thought he would have to repeat this advice many times as LeBron was at the time 11 years old, but he was wrong. James LeBron absorbed every word his coach had said and instantly changed the way he played. Joyce recalls, “This was the last time I spoke to LeBron.
LeBron went to High School St. Vincent - St. Mary's High School in Akron, Ohio as a freshman at St. Vincent at St. Mary's High School. He was pivotal in leading his team to two consecutive third-division championships. LeBron also won the Best Player in Basketball award in High School Boys by Parade Magazine After his first year and his final year in forty-seven years of this award being awarded, Parade has not picked the same player for two consecutive years James appeared on the cover of the magazine in 2002, and was the eighth high school basketball player to appear on the cover for forty-eight years. LeBron James' exceptional ability emerged as he began to gain national attention for his basketball skills and was viewed as the first public choice in the NBA draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron James was 18 at the time and was eligible to go to university, but he preferred to go to the professional league directly despite his young age.
His start in the professional league and his brilliance and genius: 
 LeBron James  started AS  a professional league at the age of 18 at 6.8 feet and weighed 240 pounds in 2003 LeBron performed well in his first season as a freshman coming from high school LeBron starred with the Cleveland Cavaliers for seven seasons since his debut in Professional League Akron, Ohio, and was considered a crowning king in his hometown, however, the team was unable to win the professional league championship so in 2010 LeBron chose to play in the Miami Heat after that and contracted with the Miami Heat for four seasons, LeBron led the Heat team. To the NBA Finals every year, he won the championship twice.
In 2014, LeBron returned to Cleveland. He wanted to bring a championship to his hometown. The Cavaliers reached the championship in 2014 but lost when two of its star players, Kevin Love and Kerry Irving, were injured. LeBron finally won the NBA Championship with Cleveland in 2016, and in 2018 he signed a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers on a four-year contract worth $ 154 million.
LeBron James' Life, Marriage, Family, and Philanthropy: 
When LeBron James was 17 years old and a rising basketball star at Saint Vincent St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio. Savannah Brinson was 16 years old and was a fan of a rival high school. James discovered her at a soccer match and asked a mutual friend for her phone number. Savannah Brinson once said: “One day I was sitting down and I was bored - and I remembered,“ Oh, I forgot! I have this number for this guy that I can call. He seemed interested so let's see. After a few phone conversations, Savannah said that LeBron invited her to one of his basketball matches and the two went out with some friends on their first official date. He was at the local Outback StockHouse, and Savannah says she had no idea her boyfriend was in school. High School would soon become an NBA superstar.
In 2003, LeBron graduated from high school and played in the pro league as a junior that same year during her final year of high school Savannah learned that she was pregnant with the couple's first child. Her initial reaction was fear, but LeBron reassured her that they would meet the unexpected news with grace, blessing, and reassurance, and we will continue together and it will not stop me or slow me down or slow you down from what we want to do so do not be afraid. On October 6, 2004, Savannah gave birth to their eldest son LeBron James Jr., affectionately called Bronny. Three years later, on June 14, 2007, the couple had another boy and called him Bryce Maximus.

James proposed to Savannah on New Years' Eve 2011 at a party with his twenty-seventh birthday at the Shelburne South Beach Hotel in Miami, and he presents her with an engagement ring, which is a ring with a diamond in the form of a pear fruit, worth about 300 thousand dollars. After a while, yes
On September 14, 2013, LeBron and Savannah officially tied the knot in San Diego. A total of 200 family members and friends gathered for the three-day celebration.
The following year set on October 22, 2014, the duo LeBron and Savannah have a daughter named "Zhuri ". Today their bond is stronger than ever. As the basketball star continues to achieve remarkable achievements, Savannah works in philanthropy to empower girls to be educated and live in dignity.
Savannah told Killveland of her husband, “He belongs to his kingdom.” He treats me with great respect - it's hard not to love him the way he is just with me, with the children, his mother, and everyone around him. He is a humble man, really for all he has and everything he has done for all of us.
LeBron James says of his wife, Savannah, that she is the boss at home. "He travels a lot so she is the family manager and she is the one who sets the rules." It's hard for me to walk on the road for two and a half weeks and then come home and tell my kids Look at this way it should be done.
LeBron is always grateful to his wife because she always stood by him from the beginning of his career when there was no fame or money and ran the house and always tries to be a better father and a better husband and makes everyone around him happy and always tries to be a role model for his children and be by their side to give them the warmth of the family that he was deprived of.
LeBron James did not forget the community in which he grew up, so he always tried to cultivate hope there. In 2011, he launched the "I am Promised" program in Akron Schools, designed to improve the educational achievement of students at risk starting in third grade. 
The program started small but has since become a core part of his philanthropic effort and the program has grown to include scholarships for the University of Akron. The GEMS Foundation helped contribute resources to the university. In 2018, the Foundation worked with Akron leaders to launch The Promise School, a public school that enrolls at-risk students to help them achieve academic success. As James said in the opening, he knows "exactly what the kids are going through" because he was once in their place. The school takes a more holistic approach to education, providing parents with resources, food when needed, and materials.

A person is always interested in his legacy, which he will leave after him at the professional level and on the human level, and he tries to be an example for his children and generations after him, and this is what LeBron James is doing.


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