Captain James LeBron is injured in the opening match and promises to recover and return in the next match.

 The Lakers' last ring ceremony was unlike any other; it happened 16 times before, but this time without an audience in an empty hall due to COVID-19, the Los Angeles team chose to wait until they could return before raising the seventeenth championship flag. Ring ceremonies are usually raucous, but Tuesday's ceremony was trivial due to the absence of the audience. The rings are decorated with a black Pumbaa snake ring surrounding each player's standard number and the ring has a detachable crest that reveals the Lakers' retired numbers with highlighting the number Some other numbers retired by the Lakers include Magic Johnson 32, Wilt Chamberlain 13, Karim Abdel-Jabbar 33 and Shaquille 34 O'Neill.

In the past year, there have been unique events that the Lakers have experienced. Not only has the Coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc with the best-laid plans, but the death of Lakers star Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna last January made this year's championship victory all the more moving.
"We miss you ... but one day we'll be together," Lakers club president Jenny Boss told fans. Despite the Staples Center being empty, families of the players were watching on the video board. James, in addition to his family, was delighted by the children from his school, "I Promise", congratulating him on the victory.
Also, Snoop Dogg, the famous Lakers fan and famous rapper, Leader LeBron James, inquired whether the Lakers would win his eighteenth title 
in his eighteenth year in the league. 
LeBron James will turn 36 years old a week into the season and as he continues to defy age expectations affecting the rest of the league.
From the start of the season and while he continues to challenge the life expectancies that affect the rest of the league, this coming season may be the true test of his greatness as a player and captain with the average age of the players of the 31.5-year-old team that is considered the oldest and strongest team in the Major League Soccer.
On the other hand, it has only been 71 days since the Los Angeles Lakers won their seventeenth title in the NBA, while the Los Angeles Clippers suffered a severe defeat in September and the match began with the Lakers’ quest to repeat the victory, and the Clippers seek revenge for the horrific defeat. The match ended with the Lakers ’defeat on Tuesday night at the opening season against the Clippers 116-109, and the Lakers’ star LeBron James sprained his left ankle and promised him to recover and return to the stadium on Christmas Eve.