Helaia explains to followers on Instagram the reason for her Spanish accent

Hilaria Baldwin broke her silence to clarify the truth about the news circulating on social media that she is always trying to mix the Spanish accent with English and exaggerate her family's association with Spain.

On Sunday, Hilaria Baldwin, a mother of five, married actor Alec Baldwin in 2012 and through a video clip she posted on Instagram explaining her ethnic background. "
Written by Hilaria Baldwin, 36, I was born in Boston and raised, spending time with my family between Massachusetts and Spain. Her mother, Dr. Catherine Hayward, and David Thomas are known to live in Mallorca after leaving the United States in 2011. Hilaria said, “But I chose to live in the United States of America and she said we celebrate both cultures in our home - Alec and I raise our children in two languages, just as I grew up. This is very important. For me. I realize my story is a little different.
In the same video, yoga teacher Hilaria Baldwin addresses the accusations about her accent, explaining that she suffers from insecurities because of the way she talks.
Baldwin said, "I'm that person who if I speak a lot of Spanish I tend to mix it up, and if I speak a lot of English then I mix that up." “When I try to work, I try to advertise a little more, but if I feel tense or upset or something like that then I start mixing the two.” “I try to speak more clearly in each language.” But sometimes I mess up It's, and it's not something I'm playing with so I want that to be very, very clear, ”he said.

Baldwin went on to clarify the controversy over her name. She said that when she was younger, she was called Hillary in the United States and Hilaria in Spain. After years of using both, she said she decided to simplify and only use Hilaria, which is the name his family calls her.
"I think we can all be clear it's the same name, just a slight difference in the letters," she said. “I think we shouldn't be upset about that. Whatever you want to call me, I will respond to both.” Baldwin concluded, “This is a country with many different cultures, and I think we can be different parts of ourselves with different people.” "I feel really lucky to have grown up with two cultures, she grew up speaking two languages. She also indicated that she knows she is white and that her ethnic makeup includes" too many things. "

Baldwin said, "I was born in Boston and spent much of my childhood in Spain, and my primary family lived in Spain. But I used to move between Spain and America but I came here when I was 19 to go to college and never came back to Spain again to reside.
Hilaria Baldwin said that she took the matter very seriously to clarify this matter and matters not surprisingly in a multicultural and multi-ethnic country and said that she apologizes for it. But at this point, I started to feel as if I was being attacked for being who I was, but I can't find a correct and clear answer to the reason for this attack. "


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