The explosion in Nashville destroyed several facades of buildings in the vicinity of the explosion

 Nashville, Tennessee (AFP) - A RV parked on a deserted street in downtown Nashville exploded early on Christmas morning, injuring three people, non-serious injuries, were rushed to the hospital, and a major telecommunications outage. Emergency services Police have suspended flights at the city's airport, and the authorities stated that the explosion was an intentional act.Metropolitan Police Chief John Drake said officers who responded to the shooting reports found a recreational vehicle broadcasting a recording warning that a bomb was about to explode within 15 minutes. Police evacuated adjacent buildings and called an explosives unit. Nashville Deputy Mayor Jim Shulman said on the Anderson Cooper Show on CNN on Friday afternoon that he arrived in the city center early after the bombing and that police and FBI agents had bomb-sniffing dogs investigating Whether there was any other explosive device. Precautions are being taken for inspection, but so far there are no indications of other charges. Nevertheless, the damage caused by the explosion is very large in the afternoon.

The Associated Press reported that authorities found human remains near the scene of the explosion. It is not clear whether they were related to the event or whether the perpetrator or a new victim could be contacted. It will take several days for the owner of the remains to be identified and his relationship to the accident determined.

Betsy Williams, 64, a resident near the site of the blast, said she ran a vacation rental company in her family's building across the street where an RV was parked and she said in an interview that she was sleeping in her third-floor apartment in Avenue North when gunfire woke her up at around 4 pm. "It looked like it was from an automatic weapon because it was rapid-fire," she said, adding that she heard several loud bursts, which prompted her to call 911. She said that Williams' son, who was visiting from Georgia on vacation and was staying On one of the vacation units, noticed an RV parked across the street and thought it looked fishy. Then I heard a sound from the car warning that it was about to explode.
The questions that come to mind now are who carried out this cowardly act, and what is the purpose of that, and what is the reason for the warning? Is it a warning without human casualties on the basis that it is intentional, as the police said? This is what the investigations will reveal in the coming days.


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