Trump and his lawyer and militia terrorize the American electorate

Trump and steal the election

 One of the wonders of things is Trump's persistence and assistance in continuing to provoke the American people and continuing to intimidate him and prevent him from exercising his natural right to vote in the American elections. The strangest thing is to declare publicly that he will try to steal his electoral vote after the elections through legal measures that appear to preserve the electoral process that has been taking place in America since More than 200 years ago, and inwardly, is the seizure of the White House, claiming that there is fraud in the electoral process, and this claim has not been proven true in any US presidential or state-level elections or elections of any kind in America until the 2000 elections between George W. Bush and Al Gore were held. The chapter on it at the national level By a difference of nearly 500 votes, it was recounted in Florida and Al Gore submitted to the Supreme Court opinion and was not challenged in the interest of the American nation.
And I think that this will not happen in the 2020 elections if the result is close, as Biden hinted that he will never raise the white flag, and this explains the standard early voting wave that we see now until the elections do not reach close numbers or barely win. On the other hand, Trump and his followers are trying to reach this result and we will monitor. 
Trump's attempts in this direction in a set of points, as follows:
Trump supporters block highways to disrupt voters
First: Groups of caravans supporting Trump blocked highways in several democratic or emerging states, and they also surrounded a bus for the Democratic candidate’s campaign and tried to get him off the highway that was heading to organize an event in Texas that was later canceled, to intimidate voters and prevent more of them from going to centers The ballot and the FBI announced the investigation of the bus incident, so Trump rebuked the FBI and said that they had done nothing, and the FBI must investigate the left-wing Antifa group, whose members are burning American cities.
Leonard Leo and Trump
Second: A group calling itself the "Fair Elections Project" sent letters last February to election officials in Michigan, warning that the number of those registered in the voter lists would have increased dramatically, thus threatening the integrity of the voters' lists. The chief executive of this group is "Jason Sneed," behind whom is the world's lawyer. Inferior "Leonard Leo" is Trump's legal advisor and former executive vice president of the influential conservative legal group known as the Federal Assembly.
And this man and his aides are responsible for all cases filed in swing states for mail-order voting, and he is responsible for nominating all conservative judges who have been installed, whether in appeals courts, federal courts, or even the Supreme Court, including the latest one. "Amy Barrett" More than 200 nominations and he and his group are responsible for Pumping black money into the Trump election campaign due to Trump's inability to collect sufficient donations, but the problem for them is the intensity of the vote, which makes their mission difficult.
The ranks of the American voters who insist on voting in the American elections
Trump plans, as he stated, that he will go to the Supreme Court to challenge the counting after November 3, several days until the result appears. Those who have voted early to date have exceeded 95 million voters, that is, more than 65% of what they voted in total in 2016, and that those newly registered in the voters' lists were mostly added by Democrats who had not voted before that, and what he is doing is a provocation to the citizens of America in general and not Republicans or Democrat, independent, or those who are not interested in elections.
- One of the strange things that happened was that Dr. Scott Atlas, a neuroradiologist and a member of the Coronavirus team at the White House, who is close to Trump and the owner of the herd immunity theory, which has been opposed and condemned by all global epidemiologists, apologized for appearing on Russian television from the White House for attacking measures Protection approved by American epidemiologists without prior permission from US security authorities !!!
Lady Gaga and Biden
- Many American artists, musicians, and singers are supporting Biden's campaign. On the contrary, the Trump campaign seeks to attract any of them to support Trump and has not succeeded so far. Among the artists that will appear from Joe Biden today Monday, the famous singer "Lady Gaga" who was attacked by the Trump campaign, responded to the attack and ridicule. She is a native of Pennsylvania.
The main thing now is a blue wave on Tuesday to eliminate Trump's hopes of making any attempt to steal the elections, and the wave should come from members of the Latin community, African communities and young independents in large groups, including good coordination to cover the largest number of important states with armed protection in some cases even They confront any aggression, and the attacks are documented if they take place, and from here the danger is hijacked, as it tries to hijack American freedoms and democracy and fragment it forever.