Trump is pushing in all segments of American society

Trump is elected yesterday

 In Spain, a very popular sport there and very popular and tourists come from all over the world to watch it. It is a sport of bullfighting where the "matador" bullfighter in the wrestling arena shows a red scarf to the raging bull so that the bullrushes toward the wrestler to try to butt him with his horns, but "Matador "Agile avoids that stupid attack and implants the sword in the back of the bull. The problem, despite the harshness of that sport, but this is an animal and not a human being, but when a person with a bull's mind tries to head in every direction, here the problem lies in ignorance and superficiality of knowledge.

I liken Trump to the Spanish bull with the horns who try to butting the Matador, and he is Biden, imagining that he will hit him although the injuries are on his body. The American bull is getting more anger, exasperation, and ridicule because he bounces in every direction trying to hit any class or any person, but all of that will bring him to ruins and you. A funny collection of excerpts from the ignorance of President Trump, who is butting, and his body is full of wounds from the many 
discontent and ridicule that he receives from his actions.
First: In the last debate, Biden talked about wind energy as one of the clean, renewable energy elements that can be relied upon in the future. Trump quickly responded that he knows more about wind energy than Biden, but windmills kill all birds !!
Medical kits fight Corona virus
The great catastrophe was yesterday when Trump responded to the increase in the number of infected people and deaths in America as a result of the Coronavirus by accusing medical staff of transferring the diagnosis of other diseases to the Coronavirus so that the number of people infected with the virus increases and they shows poor management of the pandemic despite the warning of many scientists around the world from the wave Second to the epidemic several months ago, and the medical staff, who are the front lines to confront the epidemic, made miraculous efforts to preserve the health of Americans, so that in many countries and America also when a member of the medical team lives in the neighborhood, the residents applaud him and greet him for the effort that he and his colleagues are doing. The nonsense with which Trump is pushing that group, which has caused great anger among the medical staff, and increased his bleeding of the votes he and his party so badly need.
Third: The passage of the memory of Trump's beautiful, ignorant statement regarding the introduction of antiseptics into the body of a Corona patient until the virus is killed on April 23 of course, that statement was severely ridiculed, which made the White House spokeswoman come out and say that Trump was joking with journalists, but she wanted to say that he was butting with journalists.
Fourth: Trump's headbutts of a revolutionary nature claim that Biden, if elected, will close the air-conditioning and heating devices for the elderly, so they should elect him and not Biden.
Some quick observations occurred during the past twenty-four hours:
Obama yesterday in Miami
The ex-President Obama hitting Trump on - his ass again in Miami and ridiculing him about his escape from the difficult questions of Leslie Stall, a journalist for 60 minutes, so he told him if you were running away from Leslie Stall's questions, how would you confront a dictator like Putin and speaking on one occasion about the bombing of tornadoes.
Director of the Post Office Louis de Joy

-The discovery of the postal director Louis De joy awarding the former logistics company a contract worth $ 5 million in episodes of corruption - the followers of Trump, who happens corruption charges against his opponent and is not documented as we see in this decade.
- A Fake Village People warns Trump to stop using their music on SNL or they’ll Shave his daughter Ivanka's head.
-Vice President Mike Pence's office announced that his chief of staff" Mark Short" 
had tested positive for the Coronavirus, he and four of his aides - and although he was in close contact with Mike Pence, Vice President Trump, but the Vice President decided to continue his election schedule and said that this is a government action, which exposed him to a lot of ridicule and criticism.

We can say in the end that the Spanish bull does not realize anything because it is an animal. As for the American bull, so too does not realize anything and deny everything. And he does not feel the size of the wounds he inflicts on his body and the body of his party as a result of his constant headbutt in everyone who sees him and feels that he is better than him.